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Zeeland Portal


This site provides information about the provincial government of Zeeland. Unfortunately, most information is only available in Dutch at the moment.

Information about the Province of Zeeland

You can download the brochure document(en) (nog) niet beschikbaar (1999). You can also download the leaflet document(en) (nog) niet beschikbaar (2007), which is a summary of the brochure 'Everything you should know about Zeeland'.

Zeeland, province with character

Download Zeeland, Province with Character, a short movie about the province of Zeeland. Information on, among others, accessibility, housing, employment, culture and the role of the provincial government are discussed.

The path Ahead!

Breaking down reflexes to respond to demographic changes in Zeeland.

Download: document(en) (nog) niet beschikbaar

Swimming water quality

Information regarding swimming water (quality) in Zeeland can be found via the link: swimming water quality.

Tourist Information

Tourist information (in English) is available at the following sites:

European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2010

Zeeland has a long history as an entrepreneurial region, which is unique within Europe. At a very early stage the Province recognised the importance of corporate social responsibility as well as sustainable development. The region wants to remain the beautiful green and blue oasis that makes it famous, as well as simultaneously maintaining a favourable entrepreneurial climate.

Download: document(en) (nog) niet beschikbaar

10 challenges for Zeeland

The outcome of a unique cooperation between the Roosevelt Academy, Hogeschool Zeeland and provincie Zeeland.

Download: document(en) (nog) niet beschikbaar


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